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Starting December 4. All donations we receive will go to the "2021 TOY DRIVE". Rice for the families, a toy for the tots. Unless otherwise requested by the doner. 

Happy Holidays!

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Donations are fast, simple & easy

There are no average size donations, all donations are welcome.  


 Large donations are great but so are smaller monthly donations of $5, $10, $20, or more. Donations let us continue helping the needy.

Your donation will feed hungry children, or maybe help with a medical problem, or some other emergency.


Your donations are tax deductible. Receipts upon request. 



The Fatima Foundation

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Let us replace this picture with your name or business.


When you become a sponsor, you decide how you want to sponsor that child. We can also help you with suggestions.

A sponsored child becomes your little buddy or little princess for 30 days. You can become a pen pal if you wish, or we can help you communicate with them. Also, you can just be a sponsor with no contact, your choice.


But if you sponsor a child, be prepared, because that little face may just capture your heart forever.


You can sponsor that child for as long as you like. Some people sponsor a child for a day, while some people sponsor a child for lifetime, or anything in between. You decide. The Fatima Foundation (TFF) only sponsors a child for 30 days so we can go on to sponsor a different child after that.  

Go ahead, try it just once. You'll feel proud you did!

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