The Fatima Foundation started in May 10, 2019, as an LLC in real-estate, to find housing for the homeless in America. Shortly thereafter, Covid 19 hit. My husband and I were stuck in the Philippines for 3 months when things got really crazy. The Philippines government shut down everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! No stores, no restaurants, no taxis to get around, nothing! If you got caught on the streets, you would go to jail, period! And many did. For months we could not leave our hotel. All the hotels shut down. Only the people that were in the hotels at the time they closed could stay. No one could leave one hotel and go to another one. The hotel we were staying at started running out of food. Everyday an item or 2 were missing from their menu. Then things got really bad. We were told we had to leave our hotel in 10 days because our room was being taken over by some officials from Manilla.

They were going to throw me, my husband, and 6-year-old son on the streets. That's when the realization set in, we were not in America anymore. We were in the Philippines, a third world country with no one to help us. If they threw us out on the streets, we would be arrested and all separated. They don't feed you in jail in the Philippines like they do in America. Relatives have to bring you food every day, or you starve to death. Once the lockdown started, no one could leave their house or they would go to jail. They could not even go to work. So how do the people eat? They don't. Unless they have stockpiles of food, which they don't, they starve to death, and many did. Anyway, thank God the officials from Manilla never came, and at the last minute we were told we could continue our stay. 


We were stuck in the Philippines for months and running out of money and resources for food. Not only were our credit cards getting max, over $25,000. We were taking care of my relatives living in the Philippines, over 20. And none of them had any money for food. Now this was getting worse than anyone could have imagined. 

Thanks to the American Embassy, foreigners finally got special flights back to their countries. At 4 times the normal rate, I might add. Even when tragedy hits, so does greed!


Now we are back in America, and my family is starving back in the Philippines, so we started helping them buy food. By this time, the lockdowns were a little less strict and one family member could go get food. But no one had money for food because they were not permitted to work. So, we starting helping them, then we realized none of their neighbors, or neighborhood children were eating. So, we started having "Feed the Children" days, and more and more children started coming. Now how can we ever stop? Well, we can't, and that's why we need your donations. We have been feeding the children 2 times a month ever since June 6, 2020 and we are running out of money. We stopped adding up what we donated after about $25,000.


Mommy and son.JPG

My son and I